Barangay 537 Case Study

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NOTES 1. What are the common issues/cases that the barangay office encounters concerning recipients/infrastructures/business/peace and order? One of the common problems that the barangay officials have encountered in barangay 537 is The Improper Waste Segregation especially in the streets of Sta. Clara. The proper Waste Segregation was implemented in the barangay on July 2017 where biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes are collected base from the schedule given by the barangay to the community. However, Hon. Jerwin Hong informed the interviewers that neighbor barangays are throwing their trash in barangay 537 due to the fact that the garbage arrives too early at their respective barangays. According to Kagawads Guiao and Pre (2017) , the barangay does not encounter problems in regards with the business establishments and infrastructures because they have their business permits which allows them to operate in their location and people from the city hall monitors the barangay to make sure that the business owners are paying their respective taxes and all the business operations are legal.…show more content…
They do not have enough budget to accomplish their yearly projects (e.g. de-clogging, beautification of the barangay, painting etc.) and lack of personnel training and experience which leads to the poor performance of some of the barangay officials. In terms of Peace and Order, barangay 537 is peaceful and rarely encounters disturbances in the community however; there are still some isolated cases of domestic violence and domestic problems but sometimes they choose to settle it among themselves even after reporting it to the barangay. According to the interviewees, some people from their community are currently under the radar of the policemen and are being watched in order to know if these people are involved in drug related

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