Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day At High School

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August 17th 2014, my first day at high school. Nerve wracking to say the least. I knew my aim for school which was to get good grades then hurry up and move onto University, it’s easier said than done but I had faith in my abilities. At the time, my family and I had a strong relationship as I always told them the truth as I had nothing to hide from them. After 1 good result, I made it into the top maths class however my friend didn’t quite reach the same level as me which led me to making fun of him for being in the 2nd top maths class as both of us are competitive. Don’t get me wrong there's nothing wrong with being in the second top but is it really the top? I continued to perform by getting exceptional marks, at this point first year was going smooth, I got outstanding marks…show more content…
Me being myself, I study the night before as I was indolent and overconfident, but after I completed the test, I knew I made a hash of it but at least I tried my best, that’s what really matters, well… not to my mum. The word “fail” is infrequently heard and deeply frowned upon my house, which creates a sense of fear within me each time I have a test as I don’t want to feel the wrath of my parents. I realized I had the risk of moving down but I thought my teacher would have faith in me and would give me another chance. Nope. A couple of days later, I got moved down but that wasn’t the worst part. I got replaced by my friend that I teased. I would never hear the end of it, this sparked a rivalry. My brother has always set the standard quite high, which increases year by year to the point it can’t be topped which put a bundle of pressure on top on me as I must match what he has achieved. This didn’t affect me, well that’s what I thought. Day in, day out, worry and anxiety kept on building inside of me, there was nothing I could do except than tell them (but that was never going to

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