Personal Narrative: My Dad

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In the summer of June, 2008, I expriced the most emarrasing thing every. I was 10 years old simply doing what all kids do, riding my bike with my friends. We decied to do something that I knew I wasn’t suppose to be doing. I guess it was karma because I wasn’t suppose to be off the street but I did any ways. Here's what happened me and my friends decided to ride down the biggest heel we can find going full speed. That was a bad idea, we soon explained the rules on how not to fall which was: don't pull you brake to hard because you can make the person fall behind you, keep a steady hand, if you decided to stand up do not paddle. Everyone listened but one person and she happened to be right in front of me. She hit her brakes and I went flying full speed over the heel. I had it a first still keeping a steady hand trying not to fall or flip in the air but, my hands started shaking rapidly. I soon hit the ground and as I hit the ground I flipped on the the handle bars. The handle bars went into my side and I hit my head on the ground, I was in a lot of pain.…show more content…
I look back and my friends were there trying to help me up but laughing at the same time. I looked at where I fell and there was a big puddle of water and my pants were soaked and it looked like I peed on myself. I took a look at my bike and my seat was broke, I had to go home and explain to my mother what happened. This was the bad part because I knew I wasn't suppose to be off the street but I went anyways. As I walked up to my house my mother was already looking for me and she took a look at my bike. After she seen my bike she started yelling at me infront of all my friends. She took my bike and I had to go in the house for the rest of the day. All my friends thought it was funny while I had to sit in the house they were all outside still

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