Personal Narrative: Switching With My Dad

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If i was to switch bodies I think I would switch with my dad. so i'm going to make a story about that. there are going to be many things about what happens. One day me and my dad get in a big fight. I go to my room slam the door. And then I wish that he know how hard it was to be his son. so then i go to bed. Then i wake up in the morning. I walk in the bathroom. I see myself in the miro I say what the what's going on here. My dad looks at me and we both flip out. So then we calm down. And we tried to find out how it happened. we were there for 5 hours. Then I said That I wished we would switch bodys. We thought we would call a doctor. It took 10 doctors they all just laugh at us. Then we gat one said he's heard of this before. And

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