Personal Narrative: My Dad

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It was his sacrifice, I know that now. Everyone makes a big sacrifice in their life, and that was his. My dad was in the marines for a few years and then he joined the army, he took four tours total to many different countries but he was mainly stationed in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Baghdad, and Japan. When I was younger, it was like he was in and out of my brother, sister, and I’s lives. He would miss everything that he wanted to be there for. Things that seem smaller now, but at the time felt like they were really big things. Stuff like birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and we never seen him on Independence Day, because the fireworks’ loud and sudden booms reminded him of bombs. He’s still not able to come with us on Independence Day because of the fireworks, and the way it gets to him. My dad was 17 when I was born, and my mom was 16, so obviously I wasn’t expected or planned, therefore they had a very little amount of money to support a baby and no one knew if my dad was even going to stick around to help support me and watch me grow up, because no one really wants to be a parent at seventeen,…show more content…
I would cry when he left, cry when he’d come home, cry when I missed him, cry when I saw a military commercial on T.V., and for a while anything that would spark a memory of him would either make me cry or make me feel closer to him. I think because he was gone so much, and missed my soccer games, and me cheering for the football players, and me getting awards, is the reason why I’m so close to my mom. I always knew she that she would be there to wipe my tears, to tuck me in every night, to make dinner every night, and help me with my homework when I was stuck, simple everyday stuff that my dad couldn’t do, while he was away, stuff that most people take for granted. I think that’s the biggest thing that affected me, was that I knew not to take anything for granted, including

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