My Personal Narrative: Moving To A Country

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My Personal Narrative The first day I step foot on this land was a very meaningful day. Coming to a new country was like moving to a different world. United States is my home now, I am used to this culture and share hopes and dreams like every American. I come from El Salvador, a little country in Central America. This country has beautiful beaches and people but faces violence and poverty incrementing daily. My parents immigrated here to give us a better life that they could never give us back there. In all honesty, I hope to never return there, I have nothing there, I do miss family and friends, but I could never go back. I am scared to set foot back there again, things happened there that I wish to forget…show more content…
I was so excited and so happy, I couldn’t bare a second to jump on him with a big hug! He stepped out of the car wearing a white simple t-shirt and black jogging pants and some tennis shoes. He had not changed he had not cut his beard or mustache yet after so many years his hair was black no white hairs to be found. It seems as if time had not passed over him! Although my sister and I were a bit bigger than when he left. I ran fast as I could towards him, I had waited so long for this day and jumped high unto his arms he was smiling he could not believe his eyes we were finally here with him but then I noticed my mom was not around. I asked him, “where is my mom?” he explained, “she works throughout the day and I work a little after she gets home; you will see her later, when she gets home.” And he smiled, I was bummed out at his response as I expected her to come along. It was getting late I was desperate to see her but after a while of waiting looking out the window I saw my mom coming home. We went out running to hug her she had not changed either, she remained the same humble lady with her long skirt and a blouse and her sweet smile with her hair gather in a bun. She almost cried when she saw us she hugged us, she missed us a lot. I couldn’t understand why it seemed different than back in my country. My parents worked way more. I asked them “why can’t you guys stay with us?” They went on to say why they worked different shifts and…show more content…
Everyone is looking up to a better future, now jobs have changed for us all my dad is now a cook after being a dish washer! My mom works independently she’s her own boss I am so proud for both of my parents. I am now working in a computer all day as Clerical Support hoping to succeed and have my own business soon but in a summary to all of this, I knew there was a catch. Later with time I came to understand no matter where you are you pay the price. Back in my home country we didn’t have much, but work was hard for them under the sun and very little pay to keep us all fed, but it was not enough. It was not a safe place to grow up because of the violence we had to face. Here rent was expensive and all expense were more pricy everything they got paid was for bills and debts, but we felt safe to walk in the streets. I have learned it all includes a sacrifice to get thru life. Our sacrifice before was not being together for years to after only spending family Sundays but it was nothing compared to being 2,000 miles away from my parents and not seeing them for years! I have learned a lot about this day, the value of family the sacrifices it has taken my parents all this years to help us out and succeed. I am also grateful to God and ask him to bless this land always and forever because without it we would have never had the opportunity to be away from violence and feel the freedom

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