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Career Construction Theory Research Paper Dawn Davis Ottawa University Abstract This paper will explain the Career Construction Theory, the rationale, and the major components of the theory. The theory will be applied to my personal career developments. Certain aspects of the Career Construction Theory in which I agree and disagree with will be identified. Career Construction Theory The theory of career construction explains the interpretive and interpersonal processes through which individuals impose meaning and direction on their vocational behavior. The theory entails three components which include vocational personality, career adaptability, and life themes…show more content…
In speaking of life themes, I completely agree with how the sequence of events that happen in a person’s life could dictate the occupational success of a person. On one hand I had a good role model in the area of careers from my dad. Until the age of 13, my dad owned his own business. It was a small “mom and pop” grocery store in the heart of New Orleans. I used to go to work with him on Saturdays and he would show me the ropes in running a business. Of course I did not understand every aspect of running your own business but at least I was subjected to it. I am the oldest of four girls in my family. From a very young age, I remember my dad telling me how important it was for me to be able to support myself and not have to depend on anyone else for survival (financially). My dad’s career choice for me was to be a nurse. He thought a career in the medical field would prove to be stable and rewarding. I, however, wanted to be a teacher. I had a great teacher in high school who believed in me and showed me what I was capable of. My dad would not have it. My grandma, his mom, was a teacher and he did not want me to have any part of it as a career. It said it was a thankless job where teachers got absolutely no respect and the pay was not worth the hassle. My dad always said that when I go to college that I needed to become “something” and not go to just earn a degree that led to nowhere. I started to believe this as true after my dad sold his business and moved us to a small town where the only jobs he could get were sales positions based on commission only. Degrees were not required for sales positions back then and sales people were “a dime a dozen.” My dad went to college but never finished. He struggled to make ends meet while my mom had to work minimum-wage jobs because she had only a high school education and no skills to speak

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