Personal Narrative: My Dad

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Imagine a time and place that was completely unfamiliar to you. You were even a different person than you are now. A mother and daughter are in a place where the only thing they know is their name. “Jasper, how was your day at school,” Marissa, Jasper’s mother says. “ It was okay,” Jasper says back to her mother, “Mom, you have it easy.” “Jasper, you think your life is hard try living in mine.” “If only we could actually do that.” “I would be really a great experience.” My mom and I decided to go to the park and play with our dog. As we were walking along the path we spotted a well. We wanted to go see what was inside. Mom went first, she went to the edge of the well and signaled me to come close; it was safe. At the same time,…show more content…
My mom and I were yelling for help in hope that someone would find us if we did survive. Then, a bright flash occurs and we were standing at the bottom of a tree outside our house. We thought that it must have been a miracle. After a few minutes we realized we weren’t who we thought we were; we were each other. After a few minutes of whispering to each other about what had just happened we knew we had to survive as each other until we learned how to get back to the world we knew. I started to share my class schedule with my mom and Mom started to share her work schedule in hopes we would understand what we had to do for the rest of the…show more content…
“Hey, man,” my mom said taking notice that I had said that a lot lately. “Did we have homework last night,” Charlie asked. “I don’t know Jas…… I had a crazy night last night,” Mom said hoping she didn’t blow it. She went through my classes better than I thought she would. The sad thing is she didn’t know my locker combination, so I had maybe eight tardies by the end of the day. At work I had to meet with\ a few of my mother’s clients. Over 75% of her cases are family law, to be honest I had absolutely no clue what was going on. I also worked on a few other cases that had paperwork that needed to be done. By the end of the day I think we figured out what each other’s job was all about. When we got home we tried everything there was to try to change back, but nothing was working. We had tried so many things that it had taken a week to figure it out. One good thing about it was that we had learned so much from this experience. By the end of the week, Friday, we decided to talk to each other about all of the things we went through and try to understand what each of us do. We talked and talked about everything. Then, the moment of truth we were going to jump back in the well and see if talking it out was what we needed to

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