Radio Shack Competitors

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In 1921, the largest electronic retail chain named Radio Shack was born. Radio Shack started out as a convenient electronic store that had knowledgeable employees who sold exclusive electronic merchandise and pieces to the public (Bowen). Radio Shack was the only convenient store available to the public that sold over 2,500 products for an affordable price. There were a variety of products that included CB radios, stereos, and electronic accessories that could be added onto the devices. Most of the products sold here were exclusively meant for Radio Shack products, so their electronic hobbyists consumers were driven to buy their products. Also, consumers were in great hands if they had questions because all employees were equipped with an immense amount of…show more content…
By 2000s there were many companies selling electronic devices. These companies include Amazon, Verizon, and Best Buy. Many of these companies were forced to differentiate themselves because they all were selling the same products. Found in the Huntington Post, Amazon was the first company to start using e-commerce to sell their products, while Best Buy changed their business model to match prices with other competitors (Costa). Both of these companies innovated on ideas that made them stand out. These companies focus on two completely different concepts that allowed their company to have an advantage from other competitors and generate profit. While many of these companies were looking for new ways to attract their customers, Radio Shack continued to operate the same way. Radio Shack’s management skills failed to seek new opportunities to attract new customers. They sold outdated products and accessories that were expensive than other competitors. Overall, their products had no appeal to any consumers. Due to the lack of innovation, Radio Shack fell behind its competitors. Now, the company has only 1,700 locations

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