Chapter 12 In Beowulf

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Chapter 12 opens with Grendel breaking into Hrothgar's meadhall for the final time. He murders a number of Beowulf's men, who are sleeping at the time of his arrival. However, Grendel soon runs into Beowulf himself, and proceeds to battle with him. This fight leaves Grendel reeling and severely injured, and Grendel stumbles back to his lair. The chapter ends with Grendel's life slowly leaving him, also marking the end of the novel. One can infer that Grendel then dies shortly after this encounter. Philosophical Connection. At the end of chapter 12 in Grendel is dying and has last words by saying, “Poor Grendel’s had an accident, I whisper. So may all.” (Gardner 174). This can be inferred with that being said, it was a curse to pretty much

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