Personal Narrative: My Dad

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Everyone has that one person that they love the most and something happens then your life suddenly changes. That one person is my dad. My dad was an alcoholic, and he had always fought with my intoxicated mother. Beer had become a part of my dad’s daily meal for about a little over fourteen years. The fights between my parent’s broken marriages have occurred from two thousand eight to two thousand fifteen. Little did we know that the fighting and alcohol had been just a little too much for him. September of two thousand fifteen, the family and I were actually sitting in the living room together watching television. My dad had been glancing at his feet every few minutes, he had noticed that his feet had begun to swell like there was pressure on his feet. Personally, I could tell that he was in pain by the expressions he had made. Concernedly I asked, “Hey, are you okay?” “There is a sharp pain in my feet, do they look…show more content…
The Medical Assistant called out his name and he had followed her back to this small room. After fifteen minutes of sitting there the doctor finally came in. They had given greetings to one another, and he was spontaneously asking the normal questions that a Doctor would. He did an X-ray and come to find out my dad’s kidneys failed on him from high blood pressure and Alcohol poising in other words he has blood poisoning. Dr. Davis told my father that he was in danger of dying because his body was shutting down slowly and killing him. There were two choices my dad had in that moment. One was Kidney Dialysis, secondly he could just get put to sleep because he was so far in. At this point he was checked into the Emergency Room. After he was out of the hospital, he looked the same, but I could tell that he wasn’t. He started a program called Dialysis he goes there every other day, Monday- Friday, he is there four hours a day to get his blood

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