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One might underestimate the boring looking teacher in his button down shirts, khaki pants and perfectly combed mustache, but Walter White has a story to tell. Could you picture this man building a brilliant meth empire behind the scenes of his middle class life? Of course not, that’s why not everyone is what they seem to be. Walter’s evolution from an average American father to a villainous wanted fugitive surprises everyone around him. To most, Walter’s appearance sends signs of the typical boring American. He wears the most boring outfits, rotating the color palette of beige, brown, grey, and green. He is almost always straight faced, his eyes look dull and tired, and he has many wrinkles on his face most likely due to stress and worry. Because…show more content…
His son has cerebral palsy, and some other teenagers in the store start making fun of him for his condition. (Season 1, episode 1). At first, his wife thinks that Walter is going to do nothing about the teenagers and just tells their son to ignore them, but Walter starts a fight with the boys, kicking one of them and threatening them. You can tell there is atypical dissonance present in the signs Walter is sending off by the shocked look on his wife and son’s face, they don’t view Walter as a violent man and didn’t think he would be capable of such things. Walter is a part of their family, so they know him better than everyone else. Fighting is definitely out of Walter’s character as he is typically a quiet, keep to yourself type of person. There is also astereotypical dissonance present, because the teenagers did not expect an average old man such as Walter to take them on in a fight. They saw him and his son across the store and made assumptions on what kind of people they were. By Walter’s appearance, his boring clothes, average haircut and mustache, calm demeanor, they sense weakness. Because of this, they feel freedom to make fun of Walter Jr. without consequences. They are shocked whenever Walter stands up for his family in such a violent

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