Muscular Dystrophy Research Paper

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Muscular dystrophy ,MD, is a group of inherited diseases associated with excessive weakness in muscles.1 MD causes disability in movement due to genetic disorder that results defects in the muscle protein, and the defects can lead to the death of muscle cells and tissues.1 Some of the genes that are responsible for the disease have been identified, but some have not.1 Although MD has various types that have different symptoms, the main symptom in all types is the weakness of muscles.1 In some types, the symptoms start in childhood, and in some types symptoms start in adulthood.2 Also, some types of MD affect males only, and some affect both males and females.2 Scientists did not discover effective treatments for MD, yet some types of MD can…show more content…
However, in some cases patients obtain their ability to walk until older age, and that what helps the distinction between DMD and BMD.5 Another type is myotonic dystrophy, which is a genetically heterogeneous disorder.6 Myotonic dystrophy has two main forms: DM1, known as Steinert's disease, and DM2 which is a milder and rarer version of…show more content…
DMD is caused by genetic mutations and might be misdiagnosed at the beginning.4 DMD is caused by mutations in a gene found on the X chromosome.9 The gene is responsible for the production of dystrophin, the largest gene in humans found in muscle fibers.9 Mutations can occur due to deletion in one or more exons in dystrophin.10 Also, other DMD patients have shown defects in other genes, comprising those that encode the dystrophin.10 The misdiagnosis occurs at the beginning because of the fact that DMD has similar clinical symptoms to BMD.11 After a period of time, the severe symptoms will appear which will help the distinction between DMD and

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