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Have you ever caused something that might change your entire future, something your future depended on? I have, and it was painful. Being a very powerful girl wrestler can lead to many of my future life solutions. When the wrestling mat is my home, where I feel comfortable at, where/how I grew up. Wrestling has become my life. Growing into the feeling of learning new things every other day, knowing I am engaging new risks that fall through at every moment in my life. My mom and step-dad standing aside, coaching as a power of hope, a signature of love, and help of strength. Getting hurt on a wrestling mat exploits a new future, opens a new door, a new journey, and a different perspective. Walking to the wrestling mat not thinking I would get hurt. Finding my practice partner, so I could learn a new move or two. Seeing the move visualized, then doing it myself. Knowing how to do the move, now it’s time for my partner; Zoey to go. Feeling the breeze of being thrown is one of the worst feelings on the wrestling mat because you never know what’s going to happen next; never knowing how powerful the landing is until it’s over. Knowing I’ve never been thrown in a real match; so I don’t know what can happen. When I’m thinking everything is going to be fine it isn’t. Zoey launches me and does the move wrong, my shoulder popped, everything still going good,…show more content…
Feeling cold all the way to the E.R., cold wet tears continuously rolling down my face, we walk into the E.R., heads turning to see fault of disclosure to another happy day failing because of pain. Knowing I can’t rush to learn new things anymore because I don’t want to turn my body dysfunctional so I couldn’t wrestle. Going home finding out that I dislocated my shoulder and should take a break from new things, because the last two things I learned cause a problem to my

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