Serial Killer Speech

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“Your speech sucked, by the way.” These simple words can destroy a person. In nine cases out of ten, they either cause extreme depression or murder-causing rage. Typically if the latter occurs, it can escalate to match cases such as Harold Shipman or Ted Bundy. But seeing as the average human can’t afford to spend fifteen life sentences in jail, here are a few simple steps to follow to avoid becoming a serial killer. The first thing you need to do is distance yourself as fast as possible from your wanna-be victim. This provides less opportunity for you to harm the person. While ranged weapons are a possibility, it cuts your murdering accuracy by at least 5%. Also, more distance between the two of you means you’re less likely to see their angering face and relapse. The sooner you get the hideous image out of your mind, the less likely you will be to go on a murdering spree.…show more content…
Not only does this include typical weapons like guns, knives, and lamps, but also scissors, jewellery, pencils, pens, and anything else that is or can be sharpened. This is an extremely important step in the process, as rage can present itself to more than just your insulter. Sometimes, close friends get killed because anger builds up within and must be released as soon as possible, whether against an enemy or not. That is why you must remove all possible murder weapons from your person to rid yourself of the temptation. If for some reason you don’t trust your own judgement in getting all sharp objects out of arm’s reach, try to ask a close friend to double-check. Just don’t stab them on accident--or on purpose, depending on your

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