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When I completed my ADN program, I viewed the role of nursing as a process of caring and developing patient relationships. Nursing is selfless at its core; it is caring and compassionate; it is respectful, honest and genuine; it advocates for the helpless and assists the ill to a state of optimum health. I think the reward I get from helping a patient is much greater than the compensation factor. I feel wonderful every time patients tell me what positive impact I’ve made in their lives or that I’ve made them feel better. My self- image as at that time revolves around being fair to other; treat others, as I will like to be treated. For as long as I can remember I have had a longing desire to care for those in need, growing up I watch…show more content…
However my opinion now of nursing theory and evidenced- based practice has changed due to my experience in the RN-BSN, which has taught me that if I study the theory in depth and use it consistently, then yes it would be very easy to use without really thinking about it. The RN-BSN experience has helped me to realize that the act of nursing is deeply rooted in art and science. Peplau (1997) suggests that the terms art and science are significant for the practice of nursing. These two concepts have a particular meaning and their defining characteristics help me to illuminate the nature of nursing practice. RN- BSN experience has also taught me to be conscious of the changes I make, how I practice, that my practice should be backed by evidence based practice and always remember the nursing foundation. My professional goals for the next two years include to continue working in ICU for 2 years within this time I will also enrol in a nursing university to pursue an advance degree in nursing (masters in nursing). The Nursing profession’s core value is to restore the patient to the best condition for nature to act upon (Killeen & Saewert, 2007, p. 57). As a result of RN-BSN program my knowledge and experience in the nursing field has increase when it comes to patient

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