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3. Literature Review A survey conducted by Williams (2009) on E-recruitment showed diminishing recruitment spends focused on web-based recruitment at the disbursement of traditional methods. The author also reported that online methods showed far more popular, as two-thirds (66 %) of the HR professionals surveyed said that the jobs division of their own company’s website was used as a recruitment tool for most careers. Dr. A J du Plessis(2012) This article focuses on the background of the ‘conventional’ or ‘old’ way of recruiting, it reviews different ‘new’ ways; e-recruiting and its effectiveness; advantages such as accessibility and disadvantages such as transgression of some legislation in e-recruiting and the impact it has on management.…show more content…
E-recruitment can be defined as the use of the internet to attract potential employees to an organization and appoint them. Online recruitment is also known as e-recruitment, is the practice whereby the online technology is used mainly websites as a means of assessing, interviewing, and hiring personnel (Dhamija, 2012). Recruitment is a significant feature for the organizations since it performs the essential function of drawing an essential resource in the companies. It has a strategic aim as it focuses on the need to attract high-quality people in order to gain a competitive advantage (Parry & Tyson, 2008). If people see that an organization values its staff, they will apply for a job with the organization and more likely to stay for a long time once they are recruited. Recruiting people with the right capabilities support the organizational goals and good human resources management means that an organization decreases risks to its workforces and reputation. It also can reduce expenses for an…show more content…
The second way is third party websites which enabled a vast marketplace for recruitment so-called “Online Recruitment Industry”. Smallest scale of e-recruitment contains the limitations of the organization, using the intranet to find the best choice among the candidates which possess required knowledge, skills, capabilities and other characteristics. When the company wants to pursue its favourite potential worker among outsiders the internet is prescribed, but it could be done in two ways as I mentioned earlier. If the company has a solid IT culture and enrolment is something that they do a lot during a year they can invest on their own website to be equipped with necessary elements to handle e-recruitment internally but if due to any reason it is not value or reasonable to have such a platform, there are plenty of companies nowadays which are specialized to provide them with workforces through advertisement, fluctuating from fully specialized like Job Street or through social networks. However, the firm may choose to use both, through advertising the position on the external platforms with putting the link of applying on it which transmits user to the firm’s website to start the process. International data corporation (IDC) estimates $5.3 billion was

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