Pros And Cons Of Prisons

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Prisons today are all very focused on only punishing the criminal instead of changing his thinking and perception of right and wrong or preparing him for a life outside of crime. In my research, many prisons allowed inmates to choose to work or not. This is fine if other options such as classes are given, but if not prisoners are left to do nothing but twiddle their thumbs. In many cases “idle hands do the devils work” or prisoners get into trouble. Below is an example of a prison schedule that is somewhat similar in most prisons, provided by an estonian website on corrections, cited on the citations page. 06:30 Wake-up 06:30–06:45 Morning exercises, personal hygiene and making the beds 06:30–07:15 Leisure time for prisoners who are not engaged…show more content…
Inmates who have graduated this class have the option for other certifications. The purpose for these classes would be to teach inmates the basics of citizenship, difference between right and wrong, and useful basic skills for everyday life. Once an inmate has completed this course they are required to pick either college classes or classes to become certified plumbers, electricians, plumbers, I.T., etc. Every inmate is given a report on how well they did in the program, which they can use to their advantage in searching for jobs in the future. 9:00 Inmates are allowed into courtyard for fresh air and exercise. 10:00 All prisoners go to assigned workstation All inmates are required to work unless impeded by physical or mental issues. Through work they can either pay debts owed or have money to spend at the canteen. Inmates are expected to work their hardest, constantly being graded as to their performance or enthusiasm. 12:00 Lunch 12:30 Prisoners have quiet time, no conversation between prisoners, time for meditation, phone calls,
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