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Drinking Age Drinking age, for years there has been a big debate in our country on whether or not it should be lowered. I'm here to tell you that the drinking age should be lowered. With the drinking age being lowered it can prevent many off-highway deaths.When a teenager turns 18 they can do many adult things like joining the military for instance which is life-threatening but can drink alcohol legally.The drinking age being lowered will promote more safe drinking habits. The minimum legal drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18. Lowering the drinking age can lead to many more less deaths off the highways. If the drinking age was lowered many many more people would end up calling the cops, saving lives ( On college campuses all over there are undrage drinkers at the parties held there, and if someone gets hurt many people would be afraid to call 911 in fear of being sent to jail for undrage drinking. Gordie Bailey was a student that went to a frat party ended up drinking so much, during pledging that he…show more content…
If we lower the drinking age it will give younger high schoolers/middle schoolers easier access to alcohol “trickle-down effect” (, con #10). Already high schoolers can get easier access from people only a few years older, and lowering does the same thing but for lower ages. The drinking age as it now, reduces traffic accident and fatalities, 98% in a 2002 study found that higher drinking ages led to fewer highway fatalities (, con #4). Less drunk driving leads to fewer death and fewer devastated families. Alcohol consumption can interfere with the development of a young adults brain (, con #1). It can lead to many deformities and the brain and to many diseases that will affect a young adult in ways he won't be able to live on their own. As you can see Lowering the drinking age can ruin a young adults life or even other families

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