Importance Of Evidence Based Practice

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Introduction Nurses havea wide variety of roles such as providing nursing care, support, and health education to the patients and families. Evidence has a major constitution in the delivery of advanced and safe healthcare (Mitchell, 2013). Globally, the body of nursing knowledge acknowledged the incorporation of evidence into nursing practice, which improve healthcare outcomes, promote high quality care, increase personal productivity and decrease healthcare costs (Hall, 2006). Raycroft-Malone (2004) stated that evidence in practice is a complex concept with different meanings to different people. A group of scholars proposed what they consider as an evidence-based practice. They considered the randomized controlled trials (RCTs) as primary…show more content…
Many advocates support the idea of multiple sources of evidence. The results of a study conducted by Mantzoukas and Jasper in 2007 indicated that five types of knowledge were identified to guide nurses’ practice: personal practice knowledge, theoretical knowledge, procedural knowledge, cultural knowledge and reflexive knowledge. Regarding the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) model of evidence based healthcare, evidence based practice is generally conceptualized as best available evidence considering plauristic approach, client preference, context of care, and the professional judgment that are used in clinical decision making (Pearson, Wiechula, court, & Lockwood,…show more content…
Thus, evidence is described as searching for, evaluating, synthesizing the results of experimental research. In other words, the result of objective scientific research in which bias is minimized is the only source of evidence(Pearson, Wiechula, court, & Lockwood, 2007). Moreover, Evidence is also described in terms of facts and circumstances that support and indicate whether a thing is true or valid (Pearsall &Trumble, 1995).Therefore, nurses are encouraged to adopt an evidence-basedpractice (EPB) which is defined as the use of the best clinical evidence in making care decisions. Same authors asserts that best clinical evidence is generated from rigorous studies (Loiselle, Profetto-McGrath, Polit, & Beck,

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