Combining Nurse Leader Analysis

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Combining Nurse Leader with Advocacy Nurse managers are professionals who uphold vital roles in hospitals and primarily tasked in maintaining the smooth and efficient operation of inpatient staff as well as the success of the health care institution. Additionally, nurse managers provide the leadership required in influencing the work attitudes and environment of the nurses engaged in patient care. A positive reinforcement led by the nurse manager would not only enhance the staff’s continual commitment to the organizations goals but also give the institution the extra edge (McGuire & Kennerly, 2006). Thus, it is essential that nurse managers are well grounded with knowledge and trained. One step in knowing what skills the nurse manager or leader…show more content…
For personal growth and development, my strengths include my desire for scholastic advancement in my area of practice and a clear vision for my career goals. On the one hand, in ethical behavior and practice, my strength would be my firm belief of doing the right nursing practice in accordance to the nursing code of ethics. For professional association development, I am involved in several associations that permit my career growth. This includes membership in American Nursing Association (ANA) and others . Lastly, in the sub-content area of certification, I could say that I have several certifications that highlight and advance my nursing skills which include Certificate of best nursing…show more content…
I know very well the tasks involved in my current job position. I handle them most of the time with ease as I have already 15 years of experience. Although I am fairly satisfied with my current role, I want to advance my career through continuing education and life-long learning. I also have a clear roadmap to where I want to be five years from now instilling to myself to be flexible and being able to adapt to different situations. In the content area of personal journey discipline, I could say that I still need more practice and experience. My strength would be that I already have the knowledge as well as skill in managing a team of people or committee to realize a shared leadership in the workplace. My weaknesses would be the novice experience in utilizing the technique of “action learning” to solve problems and reflect on decisions made. This also goes the same with reflective practice involving knowledge reflection as a leadership behavior (Nurse Manager Leadership Partnership,

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