Personal Experience In Life

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Whenever you have either bad or good experience in life, it is always important to learn a lesson from the experience. People go through life experiences, but they don’t realize what they might have learned from those specific events. A few years ago, my dad lost his job while he was working at CCP Composites, and he had worked there for over fifteen years. We always tried to have hope during that time, and we prayed that he would a job quickly. Finding a job was very difficult for my dad because there weren’t many job openings at that time. My family tried to save any dollar we could for any future expenses. The months went very slow for the process into finding a new job, but my father was always determined, encouraged, and he always had hope. My dad came back home, and he had a sorrowful look on his face, “Today, the office was trying to get new employees, but they managed to fire many…show more content…
Guess what?” said my mom in excitement. “Why, what happened, why do you look so happy?” I said. “Your father just got a call, and someone said that they wanted him to work at Liberty Hospital!” When my mother told me the news, I began to get as excited as she was. My father peeked around the corner of the kitchen, and I could see the relief in his eyes. I ran up to hug him, and I congratulated him on his hard work. I couldn’t wait to tell my brother the good news, so my dad went to go pick him up a bit early to go surprise. In the forty minute drive to Rockhurst, my dad was congratulated for his work by his old coworkers and Jim and Doris, and I couldn’t help but smile the whole ride to my brother’s high school. We stopped in the parking lot waiting for my brother. He came a few minutes later, while he was talking with a few of his friends. He opened the car door, and saw our radiant face expressions. He gave us a confused look, and me and my dad laughed, and we told we told him the news. He was very surprised, and he talked about his new job the whole ride
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