My Personal Experience In My Life

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As a young child growing up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, life was ordinary; until my mother was diagnosed with leukemia. My childhood is filled with vivid memories of my mother being near death and in isolation for 100 days after receiving a stem cell transplant. It took her nearly two years to recover and turned my family life upside down. This experience forced me to deal with circumstances beyond my control as a five-year-old. As a result of these complex situations and the dramatic change in our family dynamics, I began to see a counselor to help me gain an understanding of life’s challenges. This experience had a significant, lasting impact, defining who I am today and inspiring me at a young age to help others who struggle with their emotional and psychological well-being.…show more content…
I began to cope by abusing my anti-anxiety medications, which led to a substance abuse disorder. At age 17, I entered Hazelden Treatment Center in Minnesota for 30 days. When I returned home, I realized the significance of the social stigma related to addiction. The people I trusted the most no longer had faith in me, and I was told I would never make it college; but my addiction has taught me things most people will never understand. I now realize that my disorder has brought me many gifts, the gifts of: motivation, resilience, and empathy. These aspects of who I am influenced me to pursue this career and will make me a great counselor. I am fortunate to be where I am today, thanks to all the professionals who empowered me. I want to do the same for others who are challenged by adversity, mental illness, and the overall obstacles of

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