The Conspiracy Against Julius Caesar

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Brutus was the heart of the conspiracy against Julius Caesar, but also the reason the conspiracy failed. Brutus’s blunders were too much to overcome for the conspiracy. Brutus did not get Cicero to join the conspiracy, He refused to kill Mark Antony and allowed him talk at Julius Caesar’s funeral, and at the end of the story, he did not support Cassius and his troops which resulted in all of them dying. Brutus had many chances to help the conspiracy’s plan succeed, but because of him the conspiracy failed. Cicero presided as senator in Rome. Cicero was known as one of the best speakers in Rome. Cicero never made a grammatical error when he spoke. Cassius asked Brutus if he would like to include Cicero in the conspiracy. “But what of Cicero?…show more content…
Mark Antony acted as the conspirators’ villain. Mark Antony tried to destroy the conspiracy against Caesar. After the conspirators killed Julius Caesar, they all had a chance to kill Mark Antony. Mark Antony sent a servant to the conspirators, to ask if he would be the next person killed. Brutus thought of Mark Antony as a good Roman and told the servant this along with a promise of Antony remaining unharmed. “Thy master is a wise and valiant Roman;… by my honour, Depart untouch’d.” (Shakespeare 39) Brutus made a costly mistake. Brutus underestimated Antony and did not believe him to be a threat when Antony actually iwas the biggest threat of all to the conspiracy. Mark Antony came to all of the conspirators. They could have killed Mark Antony right then there and the conspiracy would have succeeded. Cassius again warned Brutus that he had made a bad decision. Casius knew Antony would cause them trouble. “Bru. I know that we shall have him well to friend. Cas. I wish we may: but yet have I a mind That fears him much,” (Shakespeare 39) If Brutus would have listened to Cassius, Antony would not have been alive to ruin their plan. But Brutus made another costly mistake, instead of listening to the wise Cassius who knew what needed to be
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