Personal Experiences That Influence Forrest In His Early Life

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1. Some personal experiences that influence Forrest in his early life are his “magic legs”, his mother’s outlook and influence, his dad leaving, having a low IQ, bullying, all the people living in his house, running, and playing football in college. 2. Forrest’s mom shapes his character and life by encouraging him to not let anyone discourage him, encouraging him to be himself, saying that “miracles happen everyday”, being very supportive of him, raising him as a single mother, and telling him “stupid is as stupid does”. 3. The political actions Forrest is involved in are the Watergate scandal, Nixon’s resignation, Lenin’s shooting, the president assassinations/attempted assassinations, war protests, protests against black soldiers being sent to the front lines to die, the KKK, black students trying to go to school with white students, ping pong diplomacy, desegregation, and the black panther union group. 4.…show more content…
Some difficulties Forrest experiences in mid-life are war, Bubba dying, his mother dying, Jenny constantly running from him, shrimping, Hurricane Carmen, Jenny dying, and being shot. 5. Major social changes seen in the film are the rock and roll age, war protests, different ways of dressing, hippies, drugs, disco era in music, the black panther union group, Apple company, Elvis, desegregation, the yellow smilie face and the “$hit happens” slogan, and HIV/AIDS. 6. Aspects we see of the Cold War we see are Communism, ping pong diplomacy, the Vietnam War, and war protests. 7. I see Forrest as a good human because he helps people, sees nothing but good in (good) people, he’s simple, he’s helpful, he’s kind, he’s gentle, he would make a good husband, he’s loyal to everyone important in his life, he doesn’t give up easily, he is like a ray of sunshine, he is sensitive towards others where others may not be sensitive towards him, he commits not one bad action, and he is always there for Jenny and his

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