Personal Narrative: A Life Changing Experience Of Moving To Colorado

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Moving from California to Colorado was literally one of the worst things that have ever happened to me, and it was definitely a life changing experience. I had heard my parents talking about it many months before I knew it was official. It was like I had just watched someone being murdered, and then went to prison for it. I had to tell my friends as soon as I knew we were going for sure, and that was not a fun time. But worst of all was actually getting here and having to go to a new school, starting in the middle of the year. Imagine standing in a room with 2,000 people and not knowing anybody at all. I wish I never had to hear my parents talk about moving and we could have just stayed in California. The first time I had heard my mom and dad talking about my dad getting transferred to Colorado, I was mortified. It was months before any of us actually knew for sure that we were going, but I was still shocked. I had never thought about the idea of moving, going to a new school, or trying to make new friends until now. It was the worst feeling in the world knowing that the life that I knew for seven years could be taken away from me if my dad’s boss said that he was going to be transferred. After a few months of worrying about, my literal nightmare came…show more content…
I found out that we were leaving eight months before it happened, but I told my best friend, Mathea, right away over text message. I told one person after another until all of my friends had heard. A week or so before we left, we had a miniature “going away” party with some of my closest friends. It felt like a thousand rocks being placed on my heart, knowing that that was the last time I was going to see some of them. Thank goodness for technology though, because I can still text and video chat with them whenever I want

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