Importance Of The Magna Carta

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The Magna Carta is a legal document signed in 1215 by John, the king of England, and it states how the king in not above the law of the land as well as the protection of the peoples rights. We can see that serfs, as well as barons, had limited rights before the Magna Carta because the Magna Carta wasn't a short document, it contained 63 clauses that the barons wanted the king to follow. According to Ducksters, Some of the rights promised by the magna carta included: Protection of church rights, access to swift justice, no new taxes without the Barons' agreement, limitations on feudal payments, protection from illegal imprisonment, and many more. The protection of the church's rights was an important clause because King John had previously…show more content…
To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.” This gave the rights to a free man to a fair justice in trial which is still used up to date. It was also really important that the Magna carta agreed to no new taxes because Kings John applied a lot of taxes to different groups including the Barons, and the church because he was constantly at war with France, which increased the taxes on the barons. Not only that but, There's a lot of reasons to why the Magna Carta, after 803 years, still impacts us in modern times. In the most important matter, it impacted our modern times as many people across the world are denied of their human rights. With the good use and power of the Magna Carta, it can benefit a lot of those people. The Magna Carta is usually used when basic freedoms come under threat. We can see this because when David Davis fought for a by-election on the issue of the 42-day detention in 2008, he won the argument because of the Magna

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