My Personal Experience In Life

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Love thy neighbor; this proverb is not only applicable to humans but animals as well. I have always shared my home with different kinds of beings, be it dogs, cats to monkeys, cows, birds etc. I come from a place called Nagpur, which is a developing city from Maharashtra, India. The surroundings have been very similar to a stereotype Indian scene people would imagine with cows on the streets, dogs and so on. From a very tender age I loved being in the house yard with my grandfather, always eager to explore. Since I am the only child to my parents, both of who are working. I always used to be alone at home. I would feed T the stray cats and dogs and try to copy my grandfather who loved creating Bonsai. As time passed this affection and fondness…show more content…
The fondness for nature made me go for Himalayan Treks, since the age of twelve, I have been going for Himalayan Trekking camps. Even tough I had a phobia of heights I completed all my treks. These experiences that I had through these camps made me stronger both mentally and physically. Those mountains and the people over there taught me a very important lesson, to never give up and always have courage. The very first experience where I was really shaken was during my Junior college admissions. Here in India, we have community based reservation system for admissions to Colleges. This system has various loopholes from which I had to pass in order to get into a Junior College. Although I had decent grades with which I could get into the stream and college of my choice, I was not given the subject of my interest, but I managed to get in the college. This was the first time when I had experienced such flaws, where merit was not acknowledged. In this situation I remembered the times when I had to climb the craggy mountain to reach to the peak thus, with the support of my parents I took this as a lesson and decided to do even better for my future endeavors. For my undergraduate studies I had options ranging from Law to Engineering, my father being a Lawyer, much for everyone’s surprise I chose to do Architecture only for one reason that I was sure Law and Engineering were not my forte and my keen interest in art also paved my way towards Architecture. Even though I was weak in mathematics I prepared for the entrance exam and got good marks and thus I got into VNIT, one of the prestigious institutes in India for

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