Childhood As A Social Construction Analysis

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Before my study of Sociology and the theme of ‘Childhood as a Social Construction’, I thought of childhood as a class grouping that every human being passed through before reaching adulthood. ‘Childhood as a Social Construction’ enabled me to realise that my original views were incorrect, and to realise that childhood(s) and the ideas surrounding childhood(s) are a relitavely new phenomenon. Although children existed many years ago, the idea of childhood(s) was not present. This is evinced by Philippe Arie’s study of medieval works of art.. ‘Medieval art until about the twelfth century did not know childhood or did not attempt to portray it.’ (Aries, 1962, p. 33). Another aspect of childhood(s) that the course theme ‘Childhood as a Social…show more content…
This will have a profound effect on my practices as a teacher as I will aim to promote interaction and participation of the children in all classroom activities. This approach will aim to develop the children’s skills and to instill confidence in them in order to approach adulthood and our dynamic society with a positive and outgoing perspective. I feel that my new knowledge from the course theme ‘Childhood as a Social Construction’ highlights the importance of childhood in the modern society as a grounding for not only children themselves but for society in general. It is therefore important to ensure that children are well educated as they will have a profound effect on our future.". . . how can children be expected to suddenly become active participants in society when they are grown up if they are treated as unpeople or ‘uncitizens’ in school?" (Lam, 2012, p.…show more content…
As a result of this ability to think about childhood(s) in a new manner, I will approach my teaching practices as an educator by firstly understanding the expectations that society at that particular time has placed on children. I believe the attitudes that children will have towards education and learning will come from the society they live in. In order to encourage children to engage in the learning process it will be necessary to examine the values and beliefs of the society. ‘For one thing, the appraisal of children’s competence, no matter how great it actually is, is determined by ‘complex and varied social contexts within which children of different ages are facilitated or hindered in giving their consent’’(Lam, 2012, p. 157) (James and James, 2004, p.

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