The Harmful Myth Of Asian Superiority Summary

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Takaki’s writing “The Harmful Myth of Asian Superiority” is a great example of how many individuals feel towards stereotypes ,but how true are some stereotypes? In this passage Takaki talk about the real truth behind the claim that Asian Americans are considered to be the “model minority” and the affect this claim has had amongst other race groups. Through this speculation there has been an uprise in resentment of Asian Americans, especially from the African Americans community since they are the two groups constantly being compared. It has been asked ,”If Asian Americans can make it, many politicians and pundits ask, why can't African Americans”(page 117). Takaki argument is understandable and is sounds. As the reader we have to ask ourselves, what does it to mean to “make it” or be successful”. Many would say that being success is defined by an individual who is financially stable or someone would says success would be someone who is a college graduate and has their own business or is considered a professional in their line of work.…show more content…
The data that is collected are mainly from “California ,Hawaii, and New York -states with higher incomes and higher cost of living than the national average” (page 117). However living in area an that generates more money doesn't mean that you are more successful. Also we have to take into account that a majority of the people living in these states aren't all Asian and will mostly likely have a higher income than those in other states. So the data isn't sounds because we can say the same for any race group.This argument can be better if they was percentage of income accounted for all states and was compared to all race groups. This way everyone is accounted for making the data more

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