Comparing Ophelia's House And Brunk House

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School/Community Resource Comparison/Contrast Essay There are several things that could hold a person back from successfully achieving their goals and dreams in life. Drug/substance abuse, believe it or not has been one of the increasing issues among society today. The sooner help is seeked, the more chances a person has of gaining control back in life. This leads my essay into 2 topics, the Ophelia’s House and Brunk House, both in which are great transitional resources and offers a variety of great support. The Ophelia House, a community based program for female offenders, including ones considered high risk would usually be referred to through the court system as an alternate to jail. They do go by some strict rules that must be followed like, electronic…show more content…
One of those things are drug/substance counseling, which would help them to maintain sobriety. The members staying at the Ophelia House would meet together instead of a one on one. The group counseling especially helps them hear different stories from others and how their life has changed from becoming someone they don’t want to be. That way, being able to hear each other’s personal experience and story would help remind one another why they need to quit and stay sober. And of course, there is drug/alcohol testing that is done randomly as well. Secondly, the transitional housing provides help with seeking employment. The workforce connection center is a great resource. There are several workshops that are provided to benefit each individuals. Not only do they help you find a job but also assist in building a resume and preparing for interviews. The Brunk House is the next topic I will be talking about. This transitional housing is designed for male ex-offenders who are referred though the department of corrections. Each individual who are able to take advantage of this program as

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