Personal Essay: Growing Up In My Life

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Growing up in my life has had plenty of difficulties, many because of who I am and how I was raised. I was born in Kissimmee, Florida. I lived in St. Cloud and Kissimmee, but I will get into that explanation more later. My father was tall, dark haired, and handsome; his ancestry is that of German and Polish. My mother was tall, dirty blonde haired, and beautiful; her ancestry unknown for sure, they say Dutch. When they meet it was love at first site; a few years later I came along. I was born as a mixture of the two of them with blonde haired, blue eyes….8lbs 2.5 ounces 22 inches long, my parents lives had changed forever. I was listed as a girl, and by all accounts White. When I look at myself today though, I look at myself as just a person, who is of no greater importance than any other. Unfortunately for me though, the love they once had did not last past my third birthday. I was soon labeled as a child of a broken home, divorce was becoming more common during this time, but still frowned upon if we are being honest. This is…show more content…
This problem not only deals with the socioeconomic class but also the ethnicity. I hope that as a future teacher I can make an impact on the students that come into my life. It won’t matter to me, I will provide them with an education that is culturally diverse. I am learning that we must learn to accept those around us for who they are and the beliefs that they acknowledge without any form of judgement. We were all created equal, and the color of our skin shouldn’t make one anymore important then the other. I think it is important to let the students know this at an early age and throughout their life time. We need to stop seeing people by what skin color they have and see them for who they are, and I hope that I am able to convey that to my future
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