The Things They Carried Minimalism Analysis

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The excerpt of “The Things They Carried” inspired me to write about minimalism and the burden that excessive amounts of possessions can create and how ultimately it can weigh down an individual’s happiness. It inspired me to write about this topic by listing off all the things the soldiers in the story had to carry and how much each thing weighed. It made me think about how unhappy carrying the heavy equipment might have made each soldier and how unhappy I was with the things weighing me down. To introduce an audience who knew nothing about minimalism I’d introduce them to it by talking about the primary purpose of minimalism. The primary purpose of minimalism is to declutter a person’s life and get rid of unessential things that just end…show more content…
“What does minimalism mean to you?” This is a question I have gotten from people who I’ve talked in the past, because as with all social movements minimalism can mean different things to different people. To me minimalism is a lifestyle choice where you remove things in your life that are not useful or act as dead weight serving no purpose other than to just exist. For me removing these things allowed me to focus on my possessions that were useful to me or brought me some sort of joy. “How could having a lot of possessions be harmful?” This is another question intend to answer in my paper. I do not remember all the science behind why it is harmful, but in my personal experience part of the problem of have too many possessions is having too many options. While it is nice on paper to have a lot of options, when ever I had to make a decision on which of my possessions to make use of for instance whether I go outside and play basketball, stay inside and watch a movie, or play a video game no matter which option I chose in the end I’d still have this feeling of dissatisfaction like I could have been spending my time doing something else. Although I do plan to use scientific research to back this claim up in the essay. “What are the benefits of Minimalism.” This question is probably the one that is the easiest to

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