Computer Crimes Case Study

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Introduction Today computer has been integrated into almost every aspect of economic activity. Computer proliferation into the society has resulted in vulnerability and economic instability due to the growth of criminality such as frauds or murder. The whole computer system generally constitutes some objects of crimes. Today hackers have developed different technologies which they can use to steal important data or steal processor chips or even hack the whole system and then distribute viruses which can corrupt the system or delete user's important data. This study discusses illegal conducts which relate to crimes and involve the use of computers. Computer crimes are broadly classified into three categories. The first crime discussed is fraud…show more content…
Hackers today have improvised industrial espionage to involve the use of computers to illegally access information through either hacking or electronic eavesdropping for example by using USB memory activities. Computer crimes related to espionage may be carried out by either a competitor of either individual or an organization or hackers who operate from state level but must be achieved with a complicity of a person who works from inside the organization that has the needed information or link with an external party who acts illegally. Hackers in this process develop and deploys viruses which are then released either through company's email or through attachment hard disk which appears as if it appears to present a business proposal to penetrate the computer system of a victim…show more content…
These activities mainly involve computers themselves instead of using other tools to facilitate other crimes. Basically, classified as a white crime forgery generally means falsification of personal information on the document or on the computer system. Developing of a forged version of any documents is one area of computer crime which has developed with innovation in computer technology. All document is produced and stored using computers which makes them very vulnerable to forgery as hacker’s only needs to amend and update the system with the new version they want to appear or distort the whole information. Example of this type of computer crime can be traced back between R and Gold in 1998 where R was accused of illegally accessing BT’s Prestel service and hacked the password codes of company’s private email accounts and then distorting the information.

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