Smc Global Securities Case Study

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SMC Global Securities, Est. in 1994, is a well-diversified financial services company in India offering services across brokerage (across the asset classes of equities (cash and derivatives), commodities and currency), investment banking, wealth management, distribution of third party financial products, research, financing, depository services, insurance broking and clearing services and real estate advisory services to corporate, institutional, high net worth individuals and other retail clients. It has clients through a network of 50 branches including overseas office at Dubai and over 2,400 registered sub-brokers and authorized persons with a PAN-India presence. Additionally, to support distribution of third party financial products, it…show more content…
Now fundamental analysis of a company comes into play. The various fundamental factors can be grouped into two categories: quantitative and qualitative. The biggest part of fundamental analysis involves delving into the financial statements. Also known as quantitative analysis, this involves looking at revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities and all the other financial aspects of a company. Turning to qualitative fundamentals, these are the less tangible factors surrounding a business - things such as the quality of a company's board members and key executives, its brand-name recognition, patents or proprietary technology, innovations, product development and market…show more content…
Additionally, these companies are chosen on the basis of their market presence. The research project taken up on Maruti and Tata motors would help in gauging trends in domestic consumer demand, international demand and at the same time demand for the premium vehicles in the international market, which will in turn help me in projecting the company’s key financials. Once the key financials have been projected based on leading and lagging factors of the Automobile sector like the expected GDP growth of the country, interest rates and other macro-economic factors affecting automobile industry growth in the country. After forecasting the financials, seeing the sales trends, sensing the growth parameters in auto sector, future projects/launches of the company, expected stock price of the company would be projected. The expected stock price along with future launches, strength, weakness, opportunities and threat analysis of the two companies and based on the market sentiments, would help the investors to take an informed

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