Instructional Leadership Analysis

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Principal’s Instructional Leadership and Employee Engagement : A Study of Perceptions among Teachers in a Primary School in Cheras, Selangor. CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION 1.0 Introduction Any organizational or institutional structure, from the very basic to the most complex ones will naturally consist of the hierarchical order of two components, which are the leader and the led. However, the ways on how an organization operates is mostly determined by the kind of interaction between these two components. The nature of leadership explained where a leader displays in the interaction or relationship between these two components, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and it will certainly pose an impact as well as influence on the followers.…show more content…
Problems can arise if the principal lacks the ability in identifying major problems and relevant interventions that are needed. Moreover, there are instances where the principal may not have enough authority as compared to the superiors in the district offices, or may have conflicting opinions with the parents and teachers (Stewart, 2006). This instructional leadership model also did not take into consideration the emotional and mental well-being of the teachers in the school - the ones dealing directly with the students. Any conflicting opinions or misunderstandings may affect their motivation and engagement at work. Since Malaysia has a multicultural society, a good rapport between the principal and the teachers is necessary to create a good working environment. As mentioned previously, the researcher would like to focus more on the response of the teachers to their principal’s leadership styles, and find out whether this makes any difference in the engagement at work among the…show more content…
By comprising the hypotheses of a study, the researcher can make the intended reader to think more deeply on the possible research outcomes. Furthermore, stating a research’s hypotheses can build up the anticipation for the readers, hence, making them more engaged and involved in the paper. Parallel to other research, this paper will state the null hypotheses for this research. The null hypotheses refer to the hypotheses which the research will try to reject, instead of accept. This is because the null hypotheses state the negative outcome of the study. In line with this, the null hypotheses for this study are as

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