Perseus Journey

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(1) Perseus, the legendary founder of Mycenae and the Perseid dynasty of Dannaeans is one of the first Greek heroes. Similarly, to the others heroes Perseus birth is highly unusual and supernatural. Perseus grandfather, King Aerisius of Argos received a prophecy from an oracle that he would be killed by a son born to his daughter Danae. Fearing his destiny, he imprisoned his daughter, so she could be childless. Nevertheless, Zeus a god appeared in the form of a bright shower of gold into Danae prison chamber which resulted the birth of Perseus. When Aerisius learns about the existence of the child he sent both his daughter and Perseus into brazen chest and cast them out to the sea. Miraculously, they survived the journey and arrived safely in the island of Serephus. (2) Polydected, the king of Serephus had fallen in love with Perseus’s mother, but Danae rejected his amorous proposals. Growing up, Perseus turns into robust and brave young man. Despised by Polydected, Perseus is fooled into promising to kill Medusa. Perseus call to adventure is the perilous task instructed by the devious king of Serephus.…show more content…
Perseus crosses the threshold in the commencement of his voyage when he intersects the river of Styx (a barrier between the underworld and the mortal world). Separated from his mother, he enters the mythological world of gods and mystical creatures. During his journey, he accepts supernatural help from the god Athena, Hermes and Zeus. (3) Perseus amulets were his adamant helmet, a mirror shield, a sword and a winged shoes which were all given to him by the gods. Throughout, his journey all amulets were used and played a significant part to his
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