Pc Vs Xbox 360 Comparison

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Andrew Sung Mrs. Gilbert ENG4U1 September 10, 2014 PC vs. Xbox 360: Comparing and Comparing If you were to ask a handful of teenagers whether or not they owned an Xbox 360, chances are that most of them would say yes. This result is not very surprising considering that the Xbox 360 has been around for a very long time, and that they are relatively cheap and can play games without hassle. On the other end of the table, is a system that has surpassed every gaming console, the PC. Yes the Personal Computer, and we are not talking about one of those computers you see in old offices gathering dust. No, we are talking full-fledged gaming PCs that outclass and outperform the outdated and graphically crippled system the Xbox 360. This is true for simple reasons that are often overlooked in the gaming community.…show more content…
In the background, PCs have progressed leaps and bounds further than consoles have ever gone. Next generation consoles were said to be the “next best thing”, and instead fell short behind PC standards. This is because Microsoft didn’t expect PCs to gain so much popularity. Because of this the Xbox cannot reach a fraction of graphics quality as a PC can achieve, nor can it reach the industry standard resolution of 1080p, which the PC could reach years earlier. Even with the lowered graphics quality, Xbox 360 cannot reach a smooth frame rate which is required for an optimal gaming experience, where lag can mean the loss of the game due to slowed

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