American Born Chinese Character Analysis Essay

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Not all people are comfortable with who they are at birth but when they grow up they learn to love themselves. In the graphic novel American Born Chinese, Jin comes of age by learning to accept himself for who he really is. First, Jin feels like he has to change himself to be happy, so he does many thing to change himself, but, finally Jin shows he has come of age by learning to be happy with who he is. By the end of the story Jin dose becomes comfortable with himself but does feel like he has to change himself. In the story Jin feels like he have to changes himself.First of all, Jin feels like he is different, he is one of two Asian kids in his class, which makes him stand out. Secondly, other kids in his class say bad things about Asian people, it makes him feel ashamed and he starts to think who is, is bad. Finally, Timmy makes fun of what he eats and his culture simply because it is different, Jin feels he is being bullied. therefore, Jin wants to change himself instead of being proud to be asian Jin wants to white to fit in.…show more content…
First of all, Jin seems to be more closed off, grumpier person towards the other asian in the school (Wei-Chen) because he doesn't want to be considered a “FOB, changing his attitude. Secondly, Jin changes his appearance to impress the girl he now discovers he likes (Amelia), one example of this is his when he changes his hair. Finally, Jin transforms into Danny, changing everything including his hair, eye color, how tall he is and name, overall appearing caucasia. He does this because he has lost all his friends and destroyed his chances with Amelia so he wanted to become a whole new person entirely instead of saying sorry for what he did . In this story jin changes extremly but he does grow

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