Advertisement Analysis: Taco Bell And In-N-N-Out

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Carl’s Jr. has been struggling to stay relevant in the fast food industry. This particular fast food franchise has a plethora of burgers, fries, and shakes to choose from, but it has failed to perform at the level of other fast food companies like Taco Bell and In-N-Out. This may be a result of the expensive items on the menu whereas Taco Bell and In-N-Out sell their products at an inexpensive price. Therefore, Carl’s Jr. has had to resort to the best option to entice consumers to purchase their food; it is through television commercials. In each advertisement, they use particular technique to persuade the spectator to buy a particular burger. The strongest tactic that Carl’s Jr. utilizes in their commercials is sex appeal. A juicy looking…show more content…
even more reasoning to include sexual content in their advertisement. Sex has always appealed to the general public and has a great amount of influence upon consumers. In Carl’s Junior “Great Buns” advertisement, the commercial begins with a woman stating that her husband or boyfriend wants her to get “great buns”. Right from this moment, it pulls in the audience member because now a sexual innuendo has been mentioned. That spectator becomes curious and watches the entire commercial; however, he/she discovers that this commercial that has been emphasizing buttocks is actually a commercial advertising Carl’s Jr. freshly baked buns on their six dollar thickburger. Although the viewer is initially bamboozled, the viewer is still satisfied with how it all turns out as it ends with a humorous ending. Sexual innuendo and sexual content typically have a positive effect on a consumer’s state of mind. It makes them happier, and having a happy state of mind will push consumers to buy that burger. With the inclusion of multiple women in this advertisement, Carl’s Jr. successfully carried out their goal. What they had done was draw a comparison between a woman and a burger. This comparison demonstrates how a man’s fantasies can be fulfilled with the purchase of a burger. It will bring them all the satisfaction of a woman. Therefore, in these advertisements, Carl’s Jr. is selling…show more content…
commercial allows for it to prevail and be a successful advertisement. The “Deep Sea” advertisement entails a man simply taking a bite out of Atlantic Charbroiled Cod Fish Sandwich while the Jawz theme plays in the background. With the Jawz theme song making the atmosphere rather suspenseful, it goes to show how each step closer to taking a bite out of the sandwich is very intense. It somewhat brings in the consumer even more because they become curious to see what will occur. Although nothing climatic had occurred, it was still rather entertaining to see what would happen. Not only that, but Carl’s Jr. is also demonstrating how that instead of deep frying the fish, it is being charbroiled. This indicates to the spectator that Carl’s Jr. is slowly moving towards a much healthier lifestyle. As a result, it then comes down to the decision of the person to continue to live that lifestyle or live a healthier one. Carl’s Jr. hooks the consumer in and reels them

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