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Vibia Perpetua: A Christian Martyr Born c. 182 and died March 7, 203 A.D., Vibia Perpetua is one of the most famous Christian martyrs of her time. Perpetua was 22 years old and lived in the province of Carthage, Rome. During that time, Christianity was growing. Roman emperor, Septimius Severus outlawed conversion to both Christianity and Judaism. Perpetua was a noblewoman and a young mother. She was also the daughter of a well-respected, provincial family. Knowing that being Christian was outlawed, Perpetua’s father pleaded in desperation for her to renounce her Christian faith. Not long after her father’s plea, Perpetua and others were caught, imprisoned, and martyred for their religious beliefs. On March 7, 203, Vibia Perpetua died in the arena by sword. While imprisoned, Perpetua kept a diary of her visions and dreams. Perpetua believed these dreams and visions were signs from God. Her diary was later found and became one of the most rare,…show more content…
she is now praised by locals for her strong Christian faith. For centuries, her diary has been read and praised annually in Tunisia’s churches. Her perseverance and the fact that she was willing to die for her beliefs makes her a good role model for Tunisia’s young Christian women. Her defiance of societal standards and inspiring faith in God makes her honorable in the eyes of Tunisia women and Christians. Perpetua’s impact on the Christian world is significant. Although she is not as well-known as certain famous Christians, the discovery of Perpetua’s diary gave the Christian World a new perspective. Christians could see through the eyes of a martyr. Her diary is now praise by orthodox Christians and heretical Montanists for being a model of faith in God. Perpetua was given multiple opportunities to renounce her Christian identity in exchange for her life. Yet she was willing

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