Perseus And Jason: A True Epic Hero

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Perseus’ mission was to cut off Medusa’s head as a gift, Jason’s mission was to obtain the golden fleece to gain back his rightful kingdom, yet with such different stories, they both had so much in common that made them what they are, epic heroes. Their lives represent what true epic heroes are. Perseus and Jason were comparable yet different when considering their birth origins, their mighty quests, and their eventful lives after their quests. Starting in the beginning, Perseus’ and Jason’s birth stories were comparable in some aspects but also had their obvious differences. Perseus was born in a bronze house, secretly fathered by Zeus, because Perseus’ grandfather casted them away due to a fatal fate saying when Perseus became older, he…show more content…
When Perseus escaped his grandfather’s rath, he took refuge on an island. Like a lot of epic hero stories, someone falls in love with someone else, causing some sort of turmoil. In this case, the King of the island fell in love with Perseus’ mother, and he loved her so much, he wanted them to get married. The King did not have a soft side for Perseus, he wanted him gone. So he told Perseus to do a near impossible task, cut off Medusa’s head, because he wanted that as a wedding gift. Using many tools from the gods that favored him, he succeeded. In contrast, Jason was one who was not seeking a “wedding gift”, he was seeking return of control over his rightful kingdom. As stated earlier, Jason was taken away as a baby, so he could return later in his life to gain control. Jason’s cousin was in power at the time of his return, and was very opposed to giving his kingdom up, so he sent Jason on a near impossible quest, hoping he would die. Again like Perseus, Jason miraculously succeeded, and took over the kingdom. Perseus and Jason were two incredibly strong epic heroes, mentally and physically. They both survived the Kings that wanted them dead, and they both lived to see their lives after their

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