Three Muska Researchers Research Paper

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The Three Muska-researchers 252-252-5555 Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Brooke Lambert Pinky Walker NIck McDaniel Introduction The Three Muska- Researchers have been hired to help the Ichibanians with their troubles. They’re having a time with Tutu and the war that’s on and off between them, they’re a very large nation with no form of government, and they seem to not have a clue about how to make one or establish it. The Three Muska- Researchers are here to help with those three main situations. Statement of the Problem or Need The problem with Ichibana is that the people do not have anything or anyone to rely on. They do not have a government, they have little villages and leaders for those little villages. That doesn’t really help though,…show more content…
Ancient Romans had three types of governments which were monarchy, aristocracy, and a democracy (Ancient History Sourcebook). Ancient Rome’s government is used as a model for many of todays great nations. These nations include the United States, Mexico, and many South American countries(Systems of Government by Country). Government plays a big part in how a civilization can operate. The Roman government was a very balanced government. The government let the citizens vote on many of the laws in the country (Social Pecking Order in the Roman World). Ancient Rome would be a good model for Ichibana’s government because ancient Rome had many different inventions during the civilization’s time. They were best known for their architect and their creation of government (Legacy of the Ancient World). Unlike the other ancient civilizations, ancient rome didn’t really have a downfall that led to the end of their civilization (Gross and Marjorie). The Roman government was turned into a dictatorship, but this can be ignored if the Ichibana citizens just work together. The Roman government also had a corruption of the government. The other civilizations had downfalls unlike Roman which is why they are unfit for a model civilization. In Ancient Rome, the citizens have a say in the government. The government is a republic which allows the community to vote on things that needed to be voted on. Unlike the other civilizations, the people of the land have a say in the government. Ancient Rome is a perfect model for Ichibana. The Roman Empire had something called separation of power. Separation of power is a where the government separates different power between the people. This is something Ichibana should use so there isn’t any corruption. This technique is also used by the United States (Procter). The Roman government had an amazing military. Ichibana

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