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Simon Bolivar is important in many ways. He was one of the South Americas Greatest generals. He won great victories. He helped declare independence to Bolivia, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela from Spanish rule. Because of his success, many people called him “El Liberator” (The Liberator) and he was also known as the “George Washington of South America”. He was born in July 24, 1783, at Caracas, Venezuela. His parents died when he was young but he received great riches from his parents. When he was young, he traveled many times to Europe. When he came back to Venezuela in 1810, he joined a group of patriots and took control of Caracas, Venezuela and ended Spanish rule in Venezuela. He searched for Britain support but at that time Britain had been in so many wars that Britain could not afford another war. So Britain decided to stay neutral.…show more content…
When Bolivar returned to Angostura, he helped the congress to organize the Republic of Colombia. Today it is split into four countries (Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela. After he organized the Republic of Colombia, he became the first president in December 17, 1819. Then he marched to Ecuador on June 24, 1821 and added Ecuador to the territory of the Republic of Colombia. In 1822, he meets with another great liberator like him and he became the dictator of Peru. In 1824, he beats the Spanish army at Auacucho because the Spanish wanted to take control of Auacucho. In 1825, upper Peru became a separate state. It was named Bolivia to honor Bolivar because the constitution that he wrote for them. He resigned in April 27, 1830 hoping to go back to Europe but, he died in May 4, 1830 of

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