Danae And Perseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Danae was the daughter of Acrisius, and he went to the Oracle of Apollo. Only to learn that Danae’s future sons’ prophecy was to kill him, The king took extraordinary measures to make sure his life wasn’t threatened by his grandkid. It went to the extent where Acrisius locked both Danae and Perseus in a chest and drifts them in the sea. They were found on shore by the king's brother, Dictys. Perseus and Danae, the mother, lived on the island of Seriphus. He was the son of Zeus, but that what unknown to him, because they lived a mortal life. King Polydectes of Seriphus wanted to marry Danae, but that wasn’t possible with Perseus around. Polydectes then faked a marriage with one of his friends, and it was required for everyone to bring a present.…show more content…
So he apologized greatly to Polydectes and promised that he would do anything to make it up. The king took that to his advantage and asked Perseus to bring him the head of a gorgon. Gorgons were three monstrous sisters with snakes for hair, wings, tusks, and bronze hands. The Gorgons are so hideous that if anyone looks at them, they will be turned to stone. Perseus, as honest as he was, set out on a journey to achieve Medusa’s head. With the help of Athena and Hermes, gods, Perseus was able to locate Graeae: three old hags who share an eye and tooth. They told Perseus the location of the Nymphia, the three nymphs who hold god’s treasures. From the nymphs, Perseus set out to find the Gorgons. As Perseus reaches the seaside cave, where the Gorgons reside, he is fortunate enough to find out that they are all asleep. Careful to not make eye contact with Medusa, he uses his bronze shield to cut off her head. After the head has been cut off, Medusa’s two sisters, Stheno and Euryale, wake up to be shocked and angered. They chase after Perseus, but he makes a near escape with Hades helmet of

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