Perseus Is Flawless Like A Greek God

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Perseus is one of the many Greek heroes in ancient Greek mythology. Just like Hercules and Odysseus, Perseus isn't a god, but rather human. Being human, Perseus isn't flawless like a god would be, and this is shown in his respective Greek myth. Because of this, he is important for showing several traits valued by Greek culture. As said before, Perseus isn't perfect as a human, but he shows several traits valued by Greek culture. For instance, he is of noble or special birth, in which his mother is Danaë, daughter of King Acrisius of Argos. He is of noble birth due to obviously having a mother who is the daughter of a king, but he is also of special birth due to Zeus's involvement to making it happen. As said in Edith Hamilton's rewritten version of the myth, "…a shower of gold fell from the sky and filled her chamber. How it was revealed to her that it was Zeus who had visited her in this shape we are not told, but she knew that the child that she bore was his son."…show more content…
Without any planning, he has no hope of killing Medusa for her head, or even finding her in the first place. This is when he encounters divine or supernatural powers that may help him, which is another trait. These divine or supernatural powers are Hermes, who acts as his guide and gives him a sword that could cut the head of a Gorgon like Medusa, and Athena, who gives him a shield that acts as a mirror, allowing Perseus to see Medusa without turning to

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