Perseus And Heracles: Two Famous Greek Hero

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Today, I will be comparing and contrasting two famous greek heroes, Perseus and Heracles. The basic outline of Perseus's story is that he was tasked to kill the monster that could turn you to stone with one look, Medusa. His mother was being forced to marry the evil ruler, Polydectes. With help from Athena and Hermes, he beheaded Medusa and delivered the head back by himself. When he arrived he turned Polydectes to stone with the head. Heracles was Greek demigod, who was an expert with a bow and his club. When he became an adult he had 12 labors that would turn him into a god. Some of the labors include killing a fierce lion, killing a hydra and cleaning the stables of King Augeus. Heracles was able to finish the tasks with his powers, and finally became a god. Even though they were both famous Greek heroes, they have many similarities and differences. One of the similarities…show more content…
Perseus went to kill Medusa, because he was going to bring her head to Polydectes so he could save his mother from her forced marriage. Heracles was simply doing his 12 Labors to become a god. Heracles also had many more goals than Perseus. Another small difference between them is their weapon choice. Perseus used a sword given to him by Hermes, while Heracles often used a bow or club. One more large difference is who they killed. Perseus simply killed medusa and a large serpent with his sword. Heracles strangled a serpent to death as a baby. When he grew up he strangled a powerful lion, killed a hydra, and killed a three headed dog from hell... By strangling it. Perseus was also helped heavily by Hermes while Heracles had to trick atlas into helping him. The final difference between the two is how their tale ended. Perseus was able to marry the princess he rescued, Andromeda, and live happily ever after. Heracles had a less fortunate ending. His wife "accidentally" soaked his shirt in poison and when he put it on his skin absorbed

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