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Clash of the Titans story and movie has similarities and differences that they share. During the movie Perseus goes out on an ongoing adventure to cut off Medusa’s head, and then kill the Kraken. While during the original story, Perseus goes on a journey to cut off medusas head so he is able to save his mother from marrying King Polydectes. In both the movie and the story Apollo warns King Acrisius that one day he will be killed and overthrown by his grandson. The King believes this is non-since but little does he know, that this will eventually come true. Along the journey to cut off Medusas head, Perseus and his men came across three women that shared one eye, which eventually offered them help. In addition, another similarity is that Perseus does complete the mission of cutting off Medusa’s head. During the task to bring back Medusas head, anyone who looked her in the eye was turned to stone. At the end of both the movie and story Perseus is the King of Argos and lives there happily for the rest of his life.…show more content…
In the movie Pegasus was given to Perseus to help him fight, rather than in the story Pegasus was born from Medusas head. Polydectes made a deal with Perseus that if he brought back Medusa’s head he would let his mother marry Dictus in the story. While in the movie, there was a hunt to get Medusas head so they could save the Princess from the Kraken. At the end of the movie Perseus kills the Kraken after a long battle for the sake of the princesses life. Dictus was pronounced king at the end of the story, not long before Perseus had struck him in the head with a discus that then killed him, thus leaving Perseus to be

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