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Performance Management System MGT 315 Section 12 What is performance management? What goals are intended to be met by performance management? The Question: How can you create a performance management system in which employees help each other (i.e engage in desirable extra-role behaviors) and go above and beyond the call of duty? What are the benefits of employees helping each other? -Finite amount of cognitive resources available -Better allocation of these resources -When incentivized appropriately, speed can be increased “The authors find that in comparison to group-based only incentives, mixed individual/group incentives lead team members to perform faster” -Increased speed can lead to increased productivity Performance Management System…show more content…
Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale(BARS) Structure Survey or performance review taken by each employee and the managers. Employees measure and asses their fellow coworkers End of the Project Fellow coworkers will help set the measure for performance. Cross reference to get an average performance rating for an employee. Low Rating- Reassign to different role High Rating- Become Informal Mentor Why the feedback is important and widely used? A guide to assist people to know how they and others perceive their performance It is very difficult to be very self aware without feedback from others. Feedbacks is feasible because it is cheap and not time consuming Using Feedback to Improve Performance Employees have a clearer idea what role they should take. Managers have a clearer idea how employees like the current working environment How does each employee influence others? Employer can analyze the feedback to assign jobs to employee

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