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Designated word count: 1000 Top 10 Toughest Running Events in the World Interestingly it can be said that the people have a general liking towards the toughest of challenges. Seemingly the human population is always keen on taking up these challenges and making a mark with them. The toughest of all time races is predominantly inclusive of the premier challenges of making it through some of the most hostile terrains. Be it the scorching heat of the deserts, the shivering cold of the Antarctic or the most venomous animals across the Brazilian Rainforest, people seem to have no respite from taking on these challenges. Here is a list of the toughest races on the planet which you would surely think twice before participating in. 1. The Yukon Arctic Ultra The most challenging race of all time which will…show more content…
It is held in the Moroccan Sahara Desert where the temperatures can spike across 40 degrees as well. The inhospitable temperature conditions coupled with the most hostile of all environments makes it among the toughest races on the planet. A basic survival gear aided with the fundamentals is provided to each of the participants. Checkpoints serve drinks and necessary refreshments. The entire stretch is around 230 Kilometres and the entire course is to be completed in 7 days across 6 stages. 5. The Gobi March As the name suggests, indeed this is another race that requires the participants to cover up mass stretches of land covered in sand. It is a fundamental unit in “Racing the Planet” series and the entire race stretches across 250 Kilometres. The entry fees into the race are around 4000$ and the biggest threat to the racers is heat stroke. A fundamental surviving toolkit is provided and the checkpoints are the biggest aid to the racers. The temperatures in here have been known to spike as much as 45 to 50 degrees and during the night, they can be as low as 5 degrees Celsius as well. 6. Atacama

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